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hardware overview


1 Power Input - connects to the original 12V, 1.5A, center-positive power adaptor, featuring a lockable connector. See here for compatible power supplies.

2 Audio Outputs - Two pseudo-balanced, 1/4" TRS line audio outputs, controlled by the master volume knob on the front panel. Connect TS or TRS cables to make a connection to the inputs on your audio interface or mixing desk. If you wish to establish a balanced connection (only supported when the inputs are balanced as well), TRS cables are needed. When you are limited to using only one cable, connect only the left (L) channel for mono-summing.

3 Pedals Inputs - Two 1/4" TRS jack inputs for continuous control of parameters.
By default, Pedal 1 is assigned to Sustain, and Pedal 2 is assigned to a macro parameter. Not all pedals are supported, and they need to be calibrated before usage, see pedal calibration.

4 USB - Class-compliant USB for bidirectional MIDI communication with a computer. Digital audio over USB is not supported. See also connect Osmose to your computer.

5 MIDI DIN IN/OUT- Standard 5-pin connectors for communication with MIDI devices. MIDI Out sends MIDI messages according to what is selected in config menu of External MIDI Mode. MIDI In can be used to trigger the internal sound engine.



6 Master Volume knob - controls the volume on the line audio outputs.

7 Main Control Interface - access to all of Osmose’s parameters, see main control interface.

8 Preset and Octave Buttons - < and > buttons select the previous and next preset.
- and + buttons transpose the keyboard up or down in octaves. The LEDs indicate the current keyboard transposition state. These buttons only affect the mode currently selected, see mode selection screen.

9 Sliders - a spring-centered pitch bend slider controls the global pitch bend. The modulation slider allows for extra control over synth parameters. The modulation slider always controls the same function as pedal input 2, see mod/pedal tab.

10 Headphones Output - 1/4" TRS stereo output. Its volume is controlled by the retractable headphone volume knob to its right.


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