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Where can I find the status of my Osmose reservation/preorder?

As a customer with a valid reservation for an Osmose, you will have a red banner visible inside your Expressive E account.

This banner displays the current estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your instrument. This ETA will be updated in case we have more precise or updated information.

The banner also contains the info on whether we are planning to send the instrument from our warehouse in France or in the US. If we had trouble finding the correct geolocating of your IP while you placed your reservation, then there might be a mismatch between your shipping address and the allocation of your unit. Please open a ticket for our Commercial Support in this case, so we can switch your Osmose to ship from the right warehouse.

If you have trouble logging into your account, please use the password reset mechanism and be sure to check your spam folder, because the reset email often ends up there.




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  • 06-Jan-2023