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My Osmose is bricked and only shows a blank screen
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This article deals with the background light of Osmose's display still turning on, but the screen remaining blank. It can happen when the firmware update procedure was interrupted before completion. If your Osmose shows no reaction at all when being switched on, please see My Osmose is dead and does not turn on at all instead.

To resurrect your device, you will need to flash the operating system of Osmose again. Just in case there was a problem with the USB connection during the update, before re-trying, try connecting to another USB port or switching the USB hub/adapter (where applicable). Power dropouts during the firmware update are a possible cause of the phenomenon, so please double check the power connection: Osmose’s power supply has a locking connector to prevent accidental disconnection. When inserting, first align the power connector’s wings to match the horizontal notches on the power input. Push firmly, then rotate the barrel clockwise to secure it to the casing. Only launch the update when the power is connected securely.


How to flash the firmware of a bricked unit

OsmoseUpdater usually won't detect Osmose when it is in this unusable state. You will need to force Osmose into Bootloader Mode to make OsmoseUpdater recognize the instrument and flash the firmware:


- Press and hold the small "m" button (mode button) in the upper left corner while switching on the unit.

- Just as before, the screen will remain blank upon booting and only show the backlight, but OsmoseUpdater should be able to detect Osmose.

- Access OsmoseUpdater's "advanced mode"

- Click "Update Osmose firmware" and select an *.osmoseupdate file.


ℹ️ Osmose's Bootloader Mode only helps with flashing the Osmose operating system. The backup/restore procedures or DSP update procedure aren't accessible when Osmose was started with Bootloader Mode.

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