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My Osmose is dead and does not turn on at all

This article deals with Osmose not showing any reaction when it is turned on. If your screen backlight still turns on but the screen remains blank, please refer to the article My Osmose is bricked and only shows a blank screen instead.


If Osmose doesn't show any reaction although the power supply plug is locked to Osmose and its power switch is in "on" position, it is most likely because the power supply is defective. To verify this, we recommend finding another compatible power supply and seeing if Osmose boots when using this. We use a rather common standard, so it's not improbable that you have access to a compatible power supply. For the correct specifications, see What are the specifications of Osmose's power supply?


Please get in touch with our Osmose support team if your original power supply is defective or if Osmose doesn't turn on even when using a functioning power supply.



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  • 19-Jan-2024