Which DAWs and plug-in formats are Touché and Lié compatible with ?

Touché's companion app, called "Lié" is available in VST and AU plug-in formats only. Please note that Lié is supporting 64-bit exclusively, so it can only be recognized and used in 64-bit hosts, not in 32-bit hosts.
We don't offer an AAX version of Lié for the moment, so ProTools is not supported. That being said, some of our customers successfully use Blue Cat's PatchWork as a workaround.
Please also note that Lié is unfortunately not compatible with the DAW Reason. Reason uses a special way to communicate with external MIDI devices that renders it unusable with our companion app Lié.
Even if you don't use a compatible DAW, you could still use the MIDI class compliant functionality of Touché and map the four dimensions of movements on Touché just as you would do it with a generic MIDI controller with e.g. faders or knobs.
Lié itself can only host VST (not VST3) instruments, so you want to make sure that you have the VST version of your soft synths installed, even if you use Lié as AU (within Logic, for instance). Since Lié itself can't host AU format, you won't be able to host instruments that are made exclusively in AU format. This is the case for Logic's internal plug-ins (e.g. Alchemy). Still, when using Lié as AU in Logic, you can host VST instruments inside of Lié inside of Logic.
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  • 13-May-2019