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I have a business with a VAT number inside the EU or UK and want to buy without VAT

Notice: down payments for Osmose are $/€299 and generally don't contain any VAT. The VAT is only due upon completing the purchase with the remainder once the unit ships. If you're within the EU or UK, it will be listed as included in the total price on the final invoice, not earlier. Also see: Do I have to pay any additional taxes or customs fees when ordering physical products from your webshop?

See below for how to make sure the VAT is deducted before paying the Osmose remainder:

If you have a business with a VAT number within the European Union or the United Kingdom and outside of France, then you are eligible to buy articles from our webshop without VAT.

However, for verification purposes, our webshop will not deduct the VAT automatically. Instead, please follow these steps before you place an order.

1) Log into your account and add the complete address of your business plus a phone number in the address book.

2) Kindly get in touch with our Commercial Support here and provide us with your VAT number.

Once we verified your inquiry, we will switch your account type from 'end user' to 'business' and notify you. From then on, as long as you are logged into your account all prices on our website will be indicated excluding VAT. This will not affect existing orders for which an invoice has already been generated.

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  • 05-Jan-2023