3. - Settings Menu


You can access the Settings from the Menu. In the Settings window you can see five different sections:

Open the Plug-in folder

This is the place where you scan your VST Plug-ins in order to use them in Lié. To scan your VST Plug-ins, click on “Options” at the bottom of the “Available Plugins” window, then select “Scan for new or updated VST plug-ins”.

You can now specify in which folders Lié should look for VST Plug-ins. If the specified default folder doesn't contain all your VST plug-in, then you can choose a custom folder by clicking on the '+' icon.

Hit the 'Scan' button to confirm your choice. Scanning may take a few moments. Once it’s finished, the “Plug-in Folder” window will display the list of all VST plug-ins that were recognized.

It is likely that you will get a notification about certain VST plug-ins not being recognized. Don't worry: Most of the times, these will be VST effect plug-ins, not VST instruments. Lié can host VST instruments exclusively.

If some of your plug-ins are listed in red, they may have a compatibility issue with Lié: You can try to use “Force-scan” in “Options”. However, this procedure may cause instabilities with your DAW.

Open the preset folder

Displays the preset folder in the Finder (Mac) or in Explorer (Win). Presets available in the Lié Browser are saved in this folder. Each preset is represented as an individual *.tem file.

Refresh the preset list

Updates Lié’s Browser. Updating the Browser is useful when you make changes in the Preset Folder whilst Lié is still open.

Install Firmware

Click on “Install firmware” to start the update. Do not unplug Touché SE or quit Lié while the firmware is updated. This operation may take a while. During the firmware flash process, Touché (SE)’s LEDs are pink, meaning that Touché (SE) is in bootloader mode. If the firmware’s update fails, Touché (SE) will stay in this mode, waiting for a new firmware.

If you’re using a DAW within Windows and you try to perform a firmware update, it is possible that Lié sends you a message saying you have to disable the MIDI inputs of Touché SE within your DAW MIDI settings. This is because your DAW is blocking the MIDI connection which needs to be used exclusively by Lié in order to perform the update. To solve this issue, please head to the preference menu of your DAW, choose the MIDI section and deactivate the inputs & outputs named “TOUCHE_BOOTLOADER” or “TOUCHE_SE_BOOTLOADER”.

Please read this article should you have trouble performing the update: Fixing problems with updating Touché (SE)'s firmware

Disable check about preset modification

This disables the pop-up window which warns you if you change a modified preset without saving it.

Display virtual keyboard (Lié standalone version only)

This will show or hide the virtual keyboard at the bottom of Lié's interface.

Copy the logfiles to the desktop

Creates a system report file when you click on the button. The file will be created on the desktop, named “expressiveeLogfile.zip”. When being in contact with our customer support, you might be asked to attach this file to your reply. It can help us investigating your problem, should you encounter a bug.

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  • 24-Jun-2019