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6. - Instrument View

To open the Instrument View, click on the  right next to the Plug-in's name.

Plug-In Instrument View

Instrument View enables you to see the GUI of the hosted plug-in instrument inside Lié. On the one hand, you can make changes to the sound as if you hosted the plug-in directly in your DAW. Additionally, Instrument View allows you to easily select the parameters that you want to assign Touché (SE)'s axes of movement to.

Above your plug-in interface, you can see 8 numbers. Each number corresponds to a Slot. Click on a number, then move one of the parameters from your plug-in (a knob, a slider…). The chosen parameter is now mapped to the corresponding Slot, as indicated by the new coloured lining surrounding the number.

To go faster, you can use the speedmapping function: clicking on it allows you to directly select up to 8 parameters from your plug-in interface. Move the parameter, one after another, and each will be linked to a Slot - in the order you selected them.

You can un-map any parameter by clicking on the outer edge of the coloured lining around its Slot number.

Important notice: A parameter in your plug-in doesn't seem to react when trying to assign it to a Slot, and it doesn't appear in the parameter dropdown list above a Slot neither? It could be necessary to make the parameter available for host automation first. Find more assistance in the section about mapping plug-ins in Lié

classic Touché only:

MIDI Hardware Instrument View

When a Hardware Preset (not available for Touché SE) is loaded, the Instrument View will open a panel with the MIDI settings of the Hardware Preset.

This panel allows you to select the MIDI Channel output of Touché for the current preset. MIDI data from Touché will only be sent via the selected channel.

The MIDI Instrument View also lets you change the program changes and bank numbers sent by this preset when loaded. Sending program changes is useful to match your the hardware preset from Touché with a specific preset from your synthesizer. Program Changes messages are sent on the selected MIDI Channel.

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