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8. - Sensitivity Curve Editor

Tutorial video about the sensitivity curve editor (starting at 6:57)

Editing a Curve allows you to have different sensitivity responses for different parameters, resulting in complex and organic sounds, e.g. with layers triggering at different pressure thresholds.

You can access the Sensitivity Curve Editor by clicking on the little curve icon just below each Slot, and then clicking on the curve displayed.

The Sensitivity Curve Editor lets you change Touché (SE)’s sensitivity by changing each Slot’s sensitivity curve. This curve show you how the parameter will vary depending on your movement.  

The horizontal axis represents the amount of pressure you apply, and the vertical axis defines the resulting parameter value output. A white dot will move, showing you at which point of the curve you are. In other words, the more you press, the more the dot will go to the right, following the coloured curve.

1.    Curve Preset Selection  : Displays a selection of pre-defined curves.
2.    Bending : Allows you to switch from a linear formula to an exponential or logarithmic formula.
3.    Hand-Draw : allows you to draw a curve directly by hand
4.    Min/Max : Lets you fine tune the minimum and maximum values.
5.    Flip Curve : Inverts the curve, thus inverting the parameter’s response to pressure being applied to the assigned axis of Touché (SE).
6.    Close Editor : Clicking on this icon will hide the Sensitivity Curve Editor in favour of the Scope.

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  • 18-Sep-2019