7. - Scope and Pitch Bend Button

The Scope is a visual realtime display of the pressure you apply on the Touché (SE)'s axes of movement. Whenever you press on the Touch-Plate, the Scope will display the amount of force you’re applying. You can also monitor useful things like the influence of different sensitivity levels. The Scope can also be hidden in favour of the Sensitivity Curve Editor.

Pitch Bend Button

The Pitch Bend Button can be found above the Scope. When the pitchbend button is lit, the lateral movements on Touché (SE) will control the pitch bend parameter: A movement to the right will increase the pitch, and a movement to the left will decrease it.

The pitchbend range always depends on the sound generator, whether it’s a hosted plug-in, or a hardware synthesizer. Being a MIDI parameter, the pitch bend it is not available in CV. You can still reproduce this effect with the CV outputs by assigning both left and right axes to one CV Slot, and connecting this CV output to the pitch CV input of your hardware instrument/module.

To deactivate the Pitch Bend Button, simply click on it again.

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  • 24-Jun-2019