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7. - Scope

The Scope is a visual realtime display of the pressure you apply on the Touché (SE)'s axes of movement. Whenever you press on the Touch-Plate, the Scope will display the amount of force you’re applying. It also helps monitoring the influence of different sensitivity levels.

When selecting a sensitivity curve of a Slot, the Scope will be hidden in favour of the Sensitivity Curve Editor.

Connection Indicator

The small text and light above the Scope indicates whether Lié is adapted for usage with a Touché or with a Touché SE, and whether the device is actually connected.

If the light stays gray although you connected your device to your computer, first try if rebooting Touché helps. Press its Encoder for 2 seconds until the LEDs are dark, then press any button to wake it up again. If this doesn't help, please check the MIDI Settings of your DAW. Make sure that you didn't activate the second "Control Input" (also called MIDIIN2) of Touché in your DAW's MIDI settings. Only activate the "Main Port" (also called just TOUCHE or TOUCHE_SE). The second port shouldn't be occupied and needs to be reserved for Lié communication exclusively.

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  • 03-Aug-2020