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1.1 - What is Touché (SE)?

Touché and Touché SE are expressive controllers that give you a new, uniquely tactile approach to interacting with all your synthesizers. Shaping and controlling their sound in real-time with a simple pressure of your hands, the Touché series opens a new gateway to all the instruments you already own and lets you rediscover electronic music production from a new, more intuitive perspective.

Touché (SE) controls your synthesizers with four independent axes: Two vertical pressure axes and two lateral axes. All four axes are extremely precise and sensitive, reacting to the smallest pressure and the slightest movement of your fingers. They can be independently mapped to one or several parameters of your synthesizers using our companion app Lié.

Touché and Touché SE share the same patented mechanism inspired by the feeling of real acoustic instruments. It allows for a wide variety of genuine instrumental gestures: progressive slides, subtle vibratos, percussive taps, hand-made LFOs, etc. With Touché, we melt the physicality and nuances of acoustic instruments with the vast sound design possibilities that are offered by computer-based music production.

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  • 05-May-2021