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Some of my virtual instruments aren't available in Lié
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if a plugin isn't available in Lié, there are 5 reasons that may cause the problem. Once you solved the issue, you will have to trigger a new plugin scan from Lié's Plugin Manager in order to detect plug-ins that are not yet available in Lié. It is recommended to do this from Lié's standalone application. Menu -> Plugin Mnaager -> Options -> Scan for new or updated VST-plugins.

Incompatible plug-ins

Lié can only host virtual instruments that are available in VST plug-in format. Furthermore, only instruments are supported, effects plug-ins can't be hosted inside Lié. 

If you want to use your Touché (SE) to control parameters within plug-ins that are not VST instruments, or parameters that are part of your DAW's user interface, you will need to omit Lié and use the Standalone Mode of Touché (SE). Use the inbuilt MIDI mapping routine of your respective DAW to map parameters to the MIDI CCs that are sent by the controller. We explain how to do this in the last section of each of our DAW Tutorials.

Redlisted plug-ins

Have a look at Lié's Plugin Manager. If some of your plug-ins are listed in red at the bottom of the list, then they have a compatibility issue with Lié, or there was a licensing issue while the scanning routine tried to add them to the list.

After having updated the plug-in or having made sure that the license is activated on your computer, you can try to select the red entries and use “Force-scan” from the "Options" menu of Lié's Plugin Manager.

Nonlisted plug-ins

If the software instrument you are looking for doesn't appear in Lié's Plug-in Manager at all, please double-check if the instrument's VST file is present in the folder(s) that are scanned by Lié.

The following system folders are the default installation folders for plug-ins, as expected by Lié: 

(VST plug-ins have the file extension *.vst)

Windows 10:
C:\Program Files\Vstplugins
(VST plug-ins have the file extension *.dll)

By default, your VST plug-ins will be scanned within the aforementioned folder. If your plug-ins aren't present this folder, you can add a custom folder to scan by clicking on the "+" symbol after choosing "Scan for new or updated VST plugins" from the Options menu.

Plug-ins without VST format installed

It might be that you didn't install the VST version of an instrument in the first place, perhaps because initially, you were sure that you would only need its AU or VST3 version. In this case, please relaunch the installer of the respective instrument and make sure to tick the box that installs the VST. Only this way Lié is able to host it. This is true even if you are using Lié as AU plug-in in Logic Pro X.

Outdated plug-ins

We always recommend to update all your VST plug-ins to their newest version. Look for the most recent version on the webpage of the respective developer.



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