Some of my virtual instruments aren't available in Lié

Lié only host virtual instruments in the VST plug-in format. Furthermore, only instrument plug-ins will work, FX (effects) plug-ins will not be available. 

After the plug-in scan, If some of your plug-ins are listed in red, they may have a compatibility issue with Lié : You can try to use “Force-scan” by clicking on "Options" below. However, this procedure may cause instability issues with your DAW. 

The following system folders are the default installation folders for plug-ins : 

Mac : MacintoshHD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/
Windows : C:\Program Files\Vstplugins

By default, your VST plug-ins will be scanned within the aforementioned default folder. If your plug-ins aren't on this folder, you can choose to add a custom folder to scan. 

Some outdated plug-ins could not be recognized. We advise you to update all third-party plug-ins to the latest versions.

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  • 19-May-2019