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No matter which preset pack I want to download, I always only get the Massive X preset pack displayed

The free preset packs that we offer on our website are all made for our Touché / Touché SE ecosystem. They are based on factory sounds that are part of the respective 3rd party synths anyway, and add sensible parameter mappings to the axes of Touché to them. The presets are offered as *.tem files and need to be loaded inside Touché's companion app, called Lié.

You need to register a Touché (SE) before you will have access to all free preset packs. If you have one, learn how to do register your Touché or Touché SE here: Step 1: Registering your Touché (SE) and downloading Lié

The reason why you'll always end up with Massive X being listed as the only article is because the Massive X preset pack is the only one that will work directly inside Massive X, even if you don't use Touché's companion app Lié as a wrapper. It is offered as a gift to anyone, also non-Touché users, and therefore appears in every customer account.

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  • 07-Jan-2020