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Glide, Vibrato, Harmonizer


Set the time for the pitch transition of the resonator between two played notes. This parameter is also known as ‘portamento’.


The vibrato panel is a dedicated low frequency sinus oscillator that is pre-wired to the pitch of the three Resonators of the layer.  

  1. vibrato rate

Sets the frequency of the vibrato.

  1. vibrato amount

Sets the intensity of the vibrato applied to the pitch.

  1. layer sync

When activated, the vibrato of layer 2 will follow the vibrato settings defined for layer 1. When deactivated, then the vibrato settings can be tweaked for layer 1 and layer 2 individually.




The harmonizer module lets you shift the tuning of the second and third resonators in relation to the first resonator. 

Add octaves offsets and detune oscillators for fuller sounds, or stack sines to simulate harmonic ratios, using an additive synthesis approach. You can also program monophonic chords and play with independent pitch glide settings per resonator.

  1. octave

Transpose the pitch of the resonator by octaves, ranging from -6 to +6 octaves. 

  1. interval / semitone

Transpose the pitch of the resonator by intervals in semitones, from 0 to 11 semitones.

  1. fine tune

Detune the pitch of the resonator by percents up to a maximum of +- 1 semitone.


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  • 22-Apr-2021