How can I send CC messages from a hardware preset of Lié to another track in my DAW?

Hardware presets are supported only by the classic Touché, not by Touché SE (Software Edition)
When Touché is in Slave Mode (connected to Lié), it always sends the CCs 16/17/18/19 via its USB port, because Lié need those CCs to speak with Touché. 
This means that if you load one of the hardware preset of Lié while Touché is connected, Touché will still send the CCs 16/17/18/19 via USB, no matter which CCs are specified in the hardware preset.
If you want to control something via USB MIDI with Touché, using the CCs that are specified in a selected hardware preset whilst Touché is still connected to Lié, you can get those CCs out of the Lié track using the MIDI re-routing functions of your DAW, if your DAW supports it.
In other words, Touché will still send the CCs 16/17/18/19 to Lié, but Lié will send the CCs that are specified in the selected hardware preset, to whatever track from your DAW you choose "Lié" as a MIDI input.
Here is an example with Ableton Live and Falcon :
Another example with Studio One and Arturia Minilab :
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  • 04-Jun-2019