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What will the editor for Osmose's sound engine be like?

The editor is already available, since it's the same that Haken Audio uses to control the EaganMatrix in their Fingerboard Continuum. The application is called Continuum Editor:

The Eaganmatrix engine is an immensely powerful and flexible modular tool for sound designers. Although the editor's layout is transparent and well organized, it is not really comparable with the workflow that you might be accustomed to when programming your usual (virtual) analog oriented synth.

This is why our sound designers will take special care to hand-select useful macro controls on a per-preset basis. This will allow for dramatic sound tweaking via the macro knobs directly on Osmose. It will also be possible to do two part splits and layers derived from the internal sounds, directly on Osmose without need for the editor.

More info on the EaganMatrix is available here:

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  • 09-Feb-2020