I live in the US but I get shown the price in Euros, even including VAT

Our webshop manages three different types of customer accounts:

- US customers pay in $, prices shown are not including the VAT
- EU customers pay in €, prices include the French VAT
- All other customers pay in €, prices shown are not including the VAT

The web shop will assign you to one of these groups based on the geo-location of your IP.

If you were assigned to a wrong group, please let us know via creating a support ticket via the 'submit ticket' button in the upper right corner of this page.

We will then delete your account and you can recreate it using the same mail address.

Make sure you don't use a proxy that makes our web shop think you are situated in Europe. Switching the WiFi network might help as well.

Before creating a customer account, you can double-check if the geo-location works correctly by having a look at the Touché page on our website. Touché prices should be shown either in € or $ depending on your region. (When it comes to the Osmose reservation page, the respective currency will only be shown when moving further to the reservation process.)

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  • 23-Nov-2019