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Does the Corona virus have influence on Expressive E?

Expressive E took all necessary measures to stay on track during the curfew and other restrictions of public life that were imposed by the French government when COVID-19 started spreading across the country.

In the meantime, our teams are back at work in our new office and continue to advance on their projects, namely Osmose and the release of our new synth plug-in Noisy.

Osmose ETA Update 30th September 2020:

Development on Osmose itself is on schedule and we will show a fully functional pre-industrial prototype to selected early adopters in October and November.

COVID-19 however continues to challenge the industrialization process needed for mass production. Borders are closed, our engineers still don't have access to our factories in China, we are confronted with increased lead times for manufacturing etc. Since we are fully committed not to compromise on the quality of Osmose, this inevitably leads to some delay.

Due to the fluid character of the situation, it is hard to commit to a precise delivery date for the moment. We are doing our best to face these exceptional circumstances and deliver Osmose to early adopters at the end of the year 2020. Our backers will be kept updated on the evolution of the situation via the monthly newsletter.

The regular market launch is planned for Q1 2021.

This page is kept up to date whenever there are news.

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  • 01-Oct-2020