How to use the hardware presets

To use Touché with your hardware instrument using one of the hardware presets we provide, you must follow those steps :
Step 1 : Connect Touché to your hardware instrument
Connect Touché to your synthesizer with a standard MIDI cable and our MIDI to Jack 3"5 break-out cable. Make sure that Touché is also connected to your computer and Lié. Also make sure that your synthesizer is on the same MIDI channel as Touché (by default Touché is on the MIDI Channel 1).
Receiving MIDI information can also be an option to select in your synthesizer that may not be activated by default. Check the manufacturer's manual and make sure this option is enabled.
Step 2 : Select one of the hardware presets of Lié
To select a hardware preset, simply double-click on its name.
NB : If you cannot see any hardware preset in Lié's browser, it may be because you have a filter/tag for software presets only, or you may have not downloaded any hardware preset yet.
The hardware presets of Lié can be put in two groups.
Template presets :
If you select a “Template” preset, you will see that in the drop-down list above each of the 8 slots, the CCs are renamed according to the real names of the parameters from the selected instrument.
Other factory presets :
In addition to the generic, “Template” hardware presets, Lié comes with pre-mapped hardware presets. These are based on the factory presets from a selection of modern synthesizers, and feature full parameter mapping instead of just CC renaming, making the experience even more plug-and play. 
When loaded, each of those hardware preset sends a program change to the connected hardware synthesizer, so that its preset matches the preset of Touché.
Those presets can also give you good example of the parameters that could be interesting to control with Touché with your synth. 
Step 3 : Loading a hardware preset in Touché’s internal memory :
After creating your own preset from a template hardware preset, or if you preferred using one of our pre-mapped hardware presets, you can save it inside Touché's internal memory.
To do this, open the Menu, then click on "MemoryView". In the new window, you will see 24 slots, which corresponds to the 24 slots of memory of Touché. Select a slot, then double click in the browser on the hardware preset you want to add. Repeat this operation with any other hardware preset you wish to save.
Once you are happy with your selection, click on « SAVE IN TOUCHE » to save the hardware presets in Touché’s internal memory, and wait a few seconds for the operation to complete.
You can now use Touché in Standalone mode. Quit Lié or un-plug Touché from your computer and plug it to an USB power adapter, then connect Touché’s MIDI OUT port to your synth’s MIDI IN port, using the bundled MIDI break-out cables. 
Check the User Manual of Touché for more informations and download the lastest version of hardware presets :
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  • 29-Mar-2018