How do the 3x monthly payments work?

In our online shop, we offer you to pay for your Touché (SE) or software in 3 convenient rates with zero interest. It works as described below:
  • Add one or several products to your cart (minimum value 150 $/€).
  • Proceed to the checkout.
  • In checkout page select "credit card" as payment method.
  • In "payment plan", select "3X monthly payment" from the drop-down list.*
  • Click on proceed to payment. 
  • Your credit card will then be debited 3 times (once every month).
  • The first payment is 50% of the global amount, the other two 25%.

* If the option "3X monthly payment" doesn't appear in your browser when choosing the credit card payment option, please change the payment method to "Paypal" and switch back to "credit card" again. You could also refresh the browser page (F5) and see if this helps.

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  • 19-May-2019