Activating Arché with iLok License Manager

If you want to use Arché on more than one computer, or if you face trouble with the inbuilt "Activation Code Entry" routine of Arché, please use the application "iLok License Manager" to make sure that your product is activated correctly. Please note that despite the name, you won't need an actual iLok dongle for activation, since you can just link an activation to the respective computer itself.

Note: If you already entered and activated your activation code with the inbuilt activation routine, and you didn't link the code to your iLok account, then you have to start with downloading and installing iLok License Manager on the exact computer you already activated on. Only this will enable iLok to verify that you already own the license.

Follow the steps below to be able to use the plug-in(s) on up to 3 computers at the same time:

  1. Create an iLok account on the following website:!registration (skip if you already have one.)
  2. Download and install the application iLok License Manager. It is available for download here:!license-manager
    Touché (SE) customers that run its companion app Lié under Windows will already have iLok License Manager on their computer, since it is part of the Windows Lié installer. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to download and install the newest version of iLok License Manager.
  3. Launch iLok License Manager.
  4. Log into your iLok account. Click on your account name with your avatar (the blue person symbol) to view all the licenses you ever owned or own in a list.
  5. Link your license to your iLok account if not happened yet. (If Arché already appears in the list of your iLok account's licenses, skip this step.)
    • If you never entered your activation code before, enter it in iLok License Manager -> Licenses -> Redeem activation code. It will take ownership of the license, meaning that the license will be linked to your iLok account.
    • If you entered it in the inbuilt activation routine, you will find it when opening your local computer by clicking on it on the left hand side. Drag the license to your account (the blue person symbol). Arché will be displayed as "unregistered", because you haven’t taken ownership of the license yet. To do so, click the button “Take ownership”. 
  6. Activate the license via the "activate" button after opening its details with a double-click. iLok will ask you for the location you want to place the activation during the procedure. Select your local computer to activate the license on it. Alternatively, you could just drag & drop the license to your local computer underneath to have the same result.

    If you have an iLok USB dongle, you could also select the dongle as your activation's location. After this, connect the dongle to any computer that you want to use Arché on.

That’s all. iLok License Manager will show you how many of the activations are currently used and also gives you the possibility to deactivate the respective computer’s license to rearrange activations if necessary.

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  • 09-Jun-2019